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  HOTFIX - v. Necronomicon 1.7.1 - 09/09/2020
Geschrieben von: Schoscho78 - 21.09.2020, 13:07 - Forum: Patches - Keine Antworten


  • Reduced the amount of Hoplite units that will be present at ancient sites
  • Reduced the frequency of attacks contesting ancient sites
  • Reduced the requirements needed for Pandorans infused with exotic materials to appear
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where a Spider Drone’s explosion radius doesn’t show the predicted damage
  • Helena’s unit model has been updated
  • Fixed an issue where Legacy of the Ancients DLC missions could sometimes replace other story missions
  • Fixed several collision issues on the new Legacy of the Ancients maps
  • Fixed an issue where the Jet Jump ability couldn’t be used if the player controlled unit was standing in an enemy’s corpse
  • Fixed an issue where allied units couldn’t move after defeating a Cyclops enemy with a melee attack
  • Several environmental objects on the new Legacy of the Ancients maps have been made destructible
  • The Rebuke and Scorpion weapons have updated visual effects in the Personnel screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Scyther weapon wasn’t being treated as a two handed weapon
  • Pandoran Reports show the correct HP amount for evolved Scylla enemies
  • Fixed an issue where a site’s exploration status wouldn’t get completed despite the UI showing it is
  • Fixed an issue where the units’ movement range UI wasn’t appearing on a specific Synedrion map
  • The Evacuate ability will now flash yellow when a vehicle is standing on an evacuation zone
  • Changed the Quick Aim ability’s text after it was activated
  • Fixed an issue where the character tooltips within the Tactical layer would sometimes show an incorrect value for a unit’s HP
  • Fixed an issue where loading a save would make level 7 units drop down to level 6
  • Fixed an issue where the flamethrower didn’t create flame tiles and had inconsistent sound effects
  • Fixed an issue where the Return Fire icon wouldn’t always appear on enemies with that ability
  • Fixed an issue where the player didn’t regain control over haven defenders after they got released from an enemy’s mind control ability
  • Made it less likely for first tier diplomacy missions to appear far away from the player’s currently explored sites
  • Fixed an issue where the Moon Launch mission wouldn’t be available if the player unlocked it at the same time as a Haven got attacked

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  Board Schließung
Geschrieben von: Schoscho78 - 20.09.2020, 08:57 - Forum: Sonstiges - Keine Antworten

Hallo zusammen,

aufgrund fehlender Mitglieder und Beteiligung habe ich beschlossen, daß Forum Mitte Dezember zu schließen.

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  HOTFIX - v. Cthulhu 1.6.1 - 04/08/2020
Geschrieben von: Schoscho78 - 05.08.2020, 09:44 - Forum: Patches - Keine Antworten


  • Manufacturing: Adjusted the Tech cost of several items in the Manufacturing tab.
  • Scavenging Rescue Soldier Missions - Reduced the total number of soldiers available from 4 to 3.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a hang with the Mindfragger attempting to mind control units immune to mind control abilities.

  • Fixed an issue where rescuing soldiers from missions would add clones of the same soldier in the Personnel section.

  • Fixed an issue where Training and Equipment couldn’t be accessed on the Deploy Squad screen.

  • Fixed an issue where several queued up instances of research could be completed instantly when receiving research points from encounters.

  • Phoenix Bases that are not activated will no longer have the same names.

  • Recruits on Legend difficulty will no longer spawn without mutation/bionics.

  • Priest/Infiltrator/Technician units will no longer spawn in Havens without Elite Training facilities.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies from the Pure faction would spawn without their bionics.

  • Fixed an issue with Sniperist removing more Will Points than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where the bonus effects from the Fungal Food Production would appear as a string of characters in the German localization.

  • Phoenix Bases that are outside of Mist will no longer display a 100% chance of becoming infested.

  • Fixed an issue where bonus stats weren’t showing up in the Training screen.

  • Fixed an issue where enemy units were missing some of their high-level abilities.

  • Armor Break’s will point cost and Shred values are properly set to 3WP and 30 Shred respectively.

  • Fixed an issue where soldiers weren’t generated with Backer Names. Added an Option to turn this ON or OFF in the Gameplay section of the Options screen.

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  Phoenix Point v. Cthulhu 1.6 - 30/07/2020
Geschrieben von: Schoscho78 - 31.07.2020, 08:20 - Forum: Patches - Keine Antworten

Phoenix Bases

  • The first base at the start of the game is the only Active one. Players need to locate and activate the rest of the Phoenix Bases.
  • The remaining Phoenix Bases can be located after researching Phoenix Archives.
  • Inactive Phoenix Bases need to be activated by paying resources.
  • Inactive Phoenix Bases can be revealed to be Infected Bases upon activation. The percentages of a Phoenix Base being infected vary. If a Phoenix Base is covered in Mist then the chances of it being Infected are increased. The Infected Bases will have Pandoran enemies in them and need to be cleared out before they can be used.
  • When a Satellite Uplink in a base is built or repaired it begins scanning with increasing range, revealing sites as it expands. Scavenging, Haven and Exploration Sites are located this way.
  • When a base is attacked without soldiers, or not defended, the base is not destroyed. Instead, all the facilities in the base are damaged. The soldiers are not affected.
  • Food Production facility now requires the “Fungal Food Production” research in order to unlock it.
  • Active Scanning has been removed.
  • Reduced the number of overall sites on the Geoscape.
  • Reaching a Haven will reveal nearby sites.
Pandoran Evolution
  • Pandorans start off without any weapons or mutations. They now have their own research and evolution system that develops over the course of the game.
  • Every time the Pandorans unlock a new stage in their evolution an event on the Geoscape will appear with detailed information about the new developments.
  • Number of Pandoran Bases has been reduced. There is now a maximum concurrent number for each type of base.
  • Pandorans unlock the building of Lairs and Citadels through their own research
  • Dynamic difficulty has been changed so that it affects the rate of pandoran evolution, not the amount of enemies deployed.
Human population census
  • ODI has been removed.
  • Human Population Census has been added that will track the total population of humanity.
  • Protecting Havens is more important as the player has to prevent the total human population from reaching a certain threshold (based on difficulty level).
  • Reduced the total number of Havens in the Geoscape.
  • Increased the rewards from successfully defending Havens.
  • Haven facilities will break down if the population gets too low.
  • Phoenix can assist havens by repairing their structures.
  • Armor Break - reduced the cost from 4 WP to 3. Reduced the shred stat to 30. Shred is spread across each individual bullet.
  • Rage Burst - Cost increased from 5 to 7 WP. Functionality reworked: Shoot 5 times spread across an arc with a direct-fire weapon.
  • Adrenaline Rush - Dazes the unit next turn after using it.
  • Rally the Troops - Renamed: Onslaught. Functionality reworked: An ally within 10 tiles recovers 2 Action Points.
  • Electric Reinforcement - Armor bonus no longer stacks.
  • Dash - Movement range reduced from 75% to 50%. Limited to 2 uses per turn.
  • Mark for Death - Each hit from an attack or individual round gets +10 damage instead of 50% more.
  • Reckless - Damage reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • Thor AML - reduced its damage.
  • Gungnir SR-2 - slightly reduced its accuracy and Virophage damage.
  • Pythagoras VII - slightly reduced its accuracy.
  • Fury-2 - reduced its damage.
  • Ragnarok - reduced its Shredding stat.
  • Raven SR13 - reduced its accuracy and increased its damage.
  • Jormungandr Cannon - reduced its Acid damage.
  • Iconoclast - reduced its damage.
  • Cyclops SR7 - slightly reduced its accuracy.
  • Firebird SR - slightly reduced its accuracy.
  • Mercy SG3 - increased its damage.
  • Harrower - increased its damage.
  • Deimos AR-L - slightly reduced its accuracy.
  • Archangel RL1 - Increased its accuracy, range, damage and Shredding stat.
  • Vyara SR - slightly reduced its accuracy.
  • Bulldog AR-50 - slightly increased its accuracy and Shredding stat.
  • Deceptor MG - increased its accuracy. Reduced its damage and Shredding stat.
  • Nergal’s Wrath - slightly increased its accuracy.
  • Scion of Sharur - increased its Viral damage.
  • Uragan MG - increased its accuracy. Reduced its damage and Shredding stat.
  • Dagon’s Tooth - increased its damage and the Bleeding it applies.
  • Phoenix Shock Lance - increased its damage and significantly increased the Shock it applies.
  • Athena NS-2 - reduced its accuracy and Paralysing stat.
  • Kydoimos Grenade - increased its AoE radius.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a hang when an Overwatch shot hit a Mutog during its leap animation.
  • Fixed an animation issue when an Overwatch shot hit a Pure soldier and disabled its shield arm.
  • Fixed a hang when using the Induce Fear ability.
  • Fixed a hang when a Mindfragger attempted to mind control a soldier with the Juggernaut head bionic.
  • Fixed a hang after a Technician picked up its turret and entered the Panicked status afterwards.
  • Fixed an issue where units will continue to be affected by Mind Control even if the unit controlling them has evacuated.
  • Fixed some animation issues when throwing grenades.
  • Fixed an animation issue when using the Jet Jump ability while gooed.
  • Remove Mindfragger ability is executed faster now.
  • Civilians will no longer die from Fire damage after getting evacuated.
  • Fixed an issue where Scylla enemies dying from Bleed damage did not trigger their death animations.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mist Sentinel didn’t apply its Preparing status when an enemy unit was near.
  • Mist Sentinels will no longer use their mist ability when they are in the Dazed or Paralyzed status.
  • Fixed an issue where the Advanced Nano Tech research would make units immune to the Acid damage type.
  • Human enemies now have reinforcements in the appropriate mission types.
  • Fixed an issue where Mind Control abilities would last a single turn on friendly haven defender units.
  • Loading a save located in the Tactical layer will no longer restore the Stamina of all friendly units.
  • Added a confirmation prompt for both options in the Containment section.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would focus more on the cover than the soldier’s shooting when entering a step out animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Standby ability couldn’t be used by units inside a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where the L3 button on the gamepad didn’t open the correct character’s information.
  • Fixed an issue where the Phoenixpedia couldn’t be navigated with a gamepad.
  • Old Enemy, New Enemy event now shows the correct picture of the Forsaken faction.
  • Fixed an issue where the Danchev Assault Rifle fired half a burst during Return Fire.
  • Abilities that target Will Points will no longer have an effect on structures and units without the Will Power stat.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Enemy Spotted” status icon would always show the Assault class icon.
  • Retrieving a turret should now put it in the Ready Items slot instead of the Technician’s inventory.
Note: We are releasing only the PC (Windows) version today. The Mac version will be delayed.

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  Cthulhu 1.6
Geschrieben von: Schoscho78 - 22.07.2020, 13:38 - Forum: Patches - Keine Antworten

Phoenix Point v. Cthulhu 1.6 ist für die Veröffentlichung am 30 Juli geplant.

Einige der Änderungen: ODI ersetzt durch das Überleben der Menschheit, überarbeitete Erkundung, pandoranisches Forschungssystem und Technologiebaum, wieder ausgewogene Schwierigkeiten, Änderungen an der Basisverteidigung, neues Basis-Aktivierungssystem und mehr.
Aufgrund all dieser Änderungen ist es höchst ratsam, eine neue Kampagne zu starten, damit alles reibungslos funktioniert. Du wirst immer noch alte Speicher laden können, aber das Spielerlebnis könnte fehlerhaft sein.

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Geschrieben von: Schoscho78 - 16.07.2020, 14:10 - Forum: Streaming Software - Keine Antworten


Restream allows you to stream live to 30+ social platforms at once.

[Um Links zu sehen, bitte hier registrieren]

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  HOTFIX - v. Danforth 1.5.3 - 09/07/2020
Geschrieben von: Schoscho78 - 09.07.2020, 09:37 - Forum: Patches - Keine Antworten

Today we have released a hotfix for Phoenix Point to address one hang introduced with the Unity 2019 update:

Fixed a hang caused by quickly entering and shooting in the Free Aim mode with certain weapons
Fixed some textual errors on Disciples of Anu gear in the Manufacturing screen

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  Unity 2019 release - v. Danforth 1.5.2 - 07/07/2020
Geschrieben von: Schoscho78 - 07.07.2020, 13:55 - Forum: Patches - Keine Antworten

Today we have released a patch for Phoenix Point. We are updating Phoenix Point to a newer version of the Unity Engine and addressing the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue where the Geoscape tutorial wouldn’t continue if all of the player’s units died in the first Scavenging mission

  • Fixed a hang caused by shooting the Mindfragger during its jump animation but not killing it

  • Fixed a hang caused by damaging a character during their step out animation

  • Fixed a rare hang when attempting to load a Tactical save with an Aspida in the mission

  • Fixed an issue where certain Backer missions could interfere with location-based faction story quests

  • Fixed an issue where a unit’s weapons and armor could switch to different pieces of gear while going through sections in the Geoscape

  • Fixed an issue where the list of recovered items in the Geoscape couldn’t be scrolled

  • Fixed an issue where the selection of characters ready for deployment wasn’t saved after going into the Equipment or Training sections

  • Fixed some text errors in the Alien Sawnery’s body parts

  • Fixed an issue where the Character Info screen would be moved to the bottom of the screen a few seconds after opening it

  • Fixed an issue where the Options section couldn’t be reached in the Terms and Agreements screen

  • Evacuating key characters from certain missions will not award them with XP

  • Fixed an issue where class items couldn’t be scrapped if they belonged to a class that is not yet researched

  • Fixed an issue where the text for discovering a Phoenix Base wasn’t localized

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s vehicles were blocked from moving in one instance of the Scavenging missions

  • Fixed an issue where evacuated soldiers would be lost from a failed Phoenix Base defense

  • Fixed an issue where the Bases window couldn’t be closed with a right-click after repairing a facility

  • Fixed an issue where a stolen aircraft would move on its own

  • Fixed an issue where the Yuggothian Entity’s shields wouldn’t go down after it was killed

  • Fixed an issue where the UI for the Jet Jump ability wasn’t appearing on valid tiles

  • Fixed several navigation issues on certain Synedrion maps

  • Fixed an issue where the Character Info screen would open up with corrupted information

  • Fixed an issue where the Phoenixpedia entries for the different Mutog types had the incorrect description text

  • Fixed an issue where the Options screen couldn’t be opened when the player’s aircraft was ambushed

  • Fixed an issue where allied civilian units would get the ALERTED status if another civilian was rescued through the evacuation zone

  • Fixed an issue where using Electric Reinforcement didn’t show the proper amount of armor

  • Fixed an issue where after a facility is completed the Geoscape would display two notification messages

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling with the mouse wheel in the Personnel screen would cause the character selection UI to become misaligned

  • Fixed some text issues relating to vehicles in the Geoscape layer

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s units would lose perception on dead targets causing location markers to appear on top of them

  • Fixed an issue where the time for a research project’s completion would not be shown after loading a save with a few research projects queued up

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to acquire a vehicle with a full Vehicle Bay displayed the wrong tooltip

  • Fixed an issue where items could be manufactured even at the full storage capacity

  • Fixed an issue where building a Store would instantly increase the player’s storage capacity without having to wait for the facility’s completion

  • Fixed an issue where exploration sites would display the wrong mission names

  • Fixed an issue where using the Dash ability to move over a Will Points Zone did not award the unit with will points

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s squad could attempt to enter an Alien Base that is already under attack by one of the factions

  • Fixed an issue where opening any Haven Info screen mid-flight would unpause the game in the background

  • Fixed an issue where the last two research items couldn’t be selected when having over ten items in a research queue

  • Fixed an issue where the units’ stamina UI bar could be dragged using the mouse cursor

  • Fixed an issue where units’ class text description would spill out in the Character Info screen

  • Fixed an issue where the Fury-2 mounted rocket launcher’s ammo would appear with a negative value inside the player’s inventory

  • Fixed an issue where recruit and trade icons on a haven could overlap mission timers

  • Fixed an issue where items couldn’t be added to one of the units’ ready slots

  • Fixed an issue where the “Replenish All” button wasn’t grayed out if the items couldn’t be recovered due to a lack of resources

  • Fixed an issue where mount modules appeared more pixelated in the inventory screen

  • Fixed an issue where the “Daze Immunity” passive skill would appear twice on Turrets
Note: We are releasing only the PC (Windows) version today. The Mac version will be delayed.

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  Thor AML
Geschrieben von: Schoscho78 - 28.06.2020, 10:54 - Forum: Neu-Jericho - Keine Antworten


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  Destiny III
Geschrieben von: Schoscho78 - 28.06.2020, 10:51 - Forum: Phoenix - Keine Antworten


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