Normale Version: HOTFIX - v. Cthulhu 1.6.1 - 04/08/2020
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  • Manufacturing: Adjusted the Tech cost of several items in the Manufacturing tab.
  • Scavenging Rescue Soldier Missions - Reduced the total number of soldiers available from 4 to 3.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a hang with the Mindfragger attempting to mind control units immune to mind control abilities.

  • Fixed an issue where rescuing soldiers from missions would add clones of the same soldier in the Personnel section.

  • Fixed an issue where Training and Equipment couldn’t be accessed on the Deploy Squad screen.

  • Fixed an issue where several queued up instances of research could be completed instantly when receiving research points from encounters.

  • Phoenix Bases that are not activated will no longer have the same names.

  • Recruits on Legend difficulty will no longer spawn without mutation/bionics.

  • Priest/Infiltrator/Technician units will no longer spawn in Havens without Elite Training facilities.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies from the Pure faction would spawn without their bionics.

  • Fixed an issue with Sniperist removing more Will Points than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where the bonus effects from the Fungal Food Production would appear as a string of characters in the German localization.

  • Phoenix Bases that are outside of Mist will no longer display a 100% chance of becoming infested.

  • Fixed an issue where bonus stats weren’t showing up in the Training screen.

  • Fixed an issue where enemy units were missing some of their high-level abilities.

  • Armor Break’s will point cost and Shred values are properly set to 3WP and 30 Shred respectively.

  • Fixed an issue where soldiers weren’t generated with Backer Names. Added an Option to turn this ON or OFF in the Gameplay section of the Options screen.